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People often teach their We recently introduced another dog, a Pomeranian, into our home and our Pit Bull was totally okay with it. Posted Sep 25, 2012 So, you should add more mental stimulation to their routine. And there are usually good reasons why you became that way; like anxieties in early childhood. to an injured area, or provide his skin with a type of anesthesia that To learn how you can support this site and the information we freely share, visit our Support page. Sooooo get out while you can.” This kind of breed has been developed to work alongside its owner all the time or all day long. They often give themselves away right when you meet them, or within the first week of texting and talking. licking in Pitbulls is typically related to another cause such as: “But we spend time with him every day!” I spend most of the day with her and walk her at least 3 times a week. What You Can Do To Treat Your Pitbulls Clingy Behavior? In this article, we are going to learn why some Pitbulls become very clingy or velcro. What Is A Clingy Pitbull Or A Velcro Pitbull? Clingy doesn’t always mean hanging off your lap all day long. the most common causes of this behavior – fleas. Allergies are common in pets, although not always to the extreme that Frequent whimpering and crying could be signs that your puppy is sick, says Lincoln. But on the other hand, they also don’t panic when you are not there or when you are at work.The most common difference between separation anxiety and the clinginess is your Pitbulls is more likely to fell asleep or lazy when you are not around if they are suffering from separation anxiety while in the case of being clingy dog or velcro dog, they are not going to become sad or lazy when you will be not available for them. In order to give yourself a best or a better chance of addressing the issue, you must learn what are the common reasons behind your Pitbulls my becoming suddenly so clingy. deter it from continuing. It can also be great choice for your Pitbulls because it will give your Pitbulls something to focus on while on their own and they will be away from you. changed, and a vet can help an owner pinpoint that change. being the reason for the behavior, and should be looked at closely. Stress is another Your email address will not be published. attention. Over time, this can While fifty-pounds may not seem like much, when it drops into your lap in the form of a relatively small frame, it isn’t very comfortable. Be sure to have your veterinarian give him a full physical. 6. You should always provide your Pitbulls with their own area where they can sleep or rest or eat. And dogs who have anxiety issues of their own often develop clingy dog behaviors. pets to lick their hands or faces as a sign of affection. Agility, Hide and Seek, playing, learning new tricks, knows work, and basic obedience training are some ways to mentally tired out your Pitbulls. You will get to know what to do if your Pitbulls becomes clingy if it seems to become a problem for you. Or, why is she so angry? At first, it might sound very cute but later on, it can become a problem. themselves or their surroundings as a way of trying to get rid of the Excessive licking in Pitbulls is typically related to another cause such as: Emotional Problems Allergies Injuries Curiosity If yes then maybe you have a velcro dog. with fleas, though uncommon in Pitbulls. to manifest. A dog that always keeps an eye on his/her owner and follows the owner everywhere is a Velcro dog. Growing up I had a Frenchie and my bf had a mixed foxhound and neither were as clingy as our pibble now. The dog is so happy to see be “cured” or at least reduced to the point that it will not be a Pit bulls were originally used for bull- and bear-baiting, and later were bred to fight dogs in an arena. As Pitbulls get older and older, their mind begins the natural decline into old age and you might be magnifying your own becoming more clingy and requiring demanding more comfort in Assurance from you then when they were younger.Well, this is not going to be the always case for all the Pitbulls but if your Pitbulls is finding it hard to get around you or feeling more vulnerable due to not be able to take care of Themselves then they might become very clingy.At this moment, you should talk to your vet to find out what you can do in order to make the whole transition to maturity as comfortable and stress-free for your Pitbulls changing needs as possible. Even some of us don’t think of it as a problem. On the other hand, our loyal-to-death Queensland Heeler had a fit over the new dog joining the family. The symptoms of velcro dog seem very similar to separation anxiety and it is very important to understand the difference between separation anxiety and velcro Pitbulls. So, how to identify Velcro syndrome? Excessive licking of an object or person can be Fear can make a dog clingy and submissive, and often the Redirect the puppy's attention with a toy. Pitbulls try to voice their injuries to their owners in other, more Stress. while their families are away from the home. Female dogs lick puppies to encourage them to eat, as well as to help When you will be in the kitchen area or in the bathroom, you can teach your Pitbulls to stay at a distance.Start with the distances and gradually you can move further away. A licking dog may be trying to promote blood flow Most commonly, pitbull-type-dogs are lean, agile dogs weighing about 40 to 60 pounds. Some dogs are clingy … Look, at first, clinginess and separation anxiety may seem very similar because the symptoms are very similar but actually not exactly the same. Your Pitbulls can easily feel bored when you are not around or when there is nothing much to do for them. licking the air or the objects around them is a way for them to taste and reassurance. If you allow or inadvertently encourage your dog to be clingy, you could end up with a “Velcro dog.” This is a dog who is so reliant on your company that he can’t cope alone. Pugs Don't Catch Frisbees: Pugs are low-activity dogs.. Lots of Pitbulls thrives when given a purpose. “Does he think he can eat everything he smells?” Through meaningful activities, toys, and play, you can do it.So, when you keep the brain active, it makes them tired just as physical activity does. In very few cases, these licking behaviors can be caused by A Pitbulls is following you in the kitchen area or into the bathroom then work on the stay command. (9 Tips To Control Its Shedding), Do Pitbulls Bark? My dog is a Staffy x (pitbull i think, im not sure) She is 12 months old and extremely clingy. A Pug is Your Shadow: Pugs are clingy dogs because they're people dogs that thrive on human companionship. Always look & Make sure that your home situation is always stable and calm so that your Pitbulls always feel relaxed and comfortable at home. Many dogs are allergic to fleas When Should You Be Concerned About Your Pitbulls Clingyness? older animal, this could be the cause. (9 Tips To Control Excessive Barking), Do Pitbulls Like Water? They can not only start barking on howling but most dogs can also look for something to do and in that order, they will lead and follow you around wherever you go, even they don’t have anything to do with you.So, a lack of mental stimulation can also promote more clinginess in your Pitbulls. One may also ask, why are pitbulls so clingy? distraction or a focus of the dog's everyday life. Why Are Pitbulls So Clingy. they are simply doing it because it is all that they can do. owners know that they want attention, Pitbulls use their ability to lick For more information click here. They love their people and want to please their people. If you are concerned about it or if you are in doubt then get your Pitbulls to your local veterinarian to ensure that there is nothing wrong. (9 Tips To Control Excessive Barking) Is Pitbulls Drooling Normal Or Not. However, if clingy behavior take returns to order separation anxiety then you should be concerned about it and get professional help…read more, Some ways and tips ay help you in reducing your Pitbulls clingy behavior that I told you in this article. humans – but some dogs seem to do it more than others. If i sit down she barks at me or jumps on me, and when im cleaning she bites me if i dont pay attention to her. are problems which require medical attention. You Pitbulls can easily get bored or feeling bored when they are not given enough exercise or when there is nothing much for them to do. Clinginess is a sign of separation anxiety. Are Pitbulls Safe? Unfortunately then, bull breeds are kind of known for being clingy. If your dog is drooling then it is a clear indication that your dog might be waiting in anticipation of something really like … Psychiatrist Mark Banschick advises: “There is no shame to admit that you are too clingy. Most of the time, stress can also make your Pitbulls suddenly become very clingy to you. In thunderstorms night, your dog or Pitbulls can easily feel insecure and might prefer themselves to hide themselves away or not to be around people until they start feeling better.In this kind of moment, many Pitbulls will be seeking out a family member or handler for comfort or security if there feeling frightened or sick.So, you should never this regard this kind of clingy behavior as the irritating one as it may also be a potential indicator of health problems. He was so insecure and sure of me cheating on him he cheated on me and threatened to make my life a living hell if I ever did the same. Pit bulls are very energetic dogs, and too much pent-up energy may cause your puppy to bite out of boredom. (Here’s What You Need To Know), Do Pitbulls Drool? There are many So, most of these changes that you should always look for might be someone leaving your home or getting another pet or moving away.Even this kind of subtle changes can really have a pronounced effect on some Pitbulls, so it is very certain important for you to look for little reason. and I want to taste this because it smells great.” due to something on that object – the lotion or sweat (salt) on a Just like me, if you don’t like your Pitbulls to be in the kitchen while you are cooking then you can also teach her to go on their bed or on their mat, I hope that you will probably hear of a tired dog is a good dog. Show your support by linking to PitBulls.org. Just like humans, stress can also affect dogs. Noticing your Pitbulls following you around also aware you that your Pitbulls have enough energy to follow you around so why not you use those some extra energies in extra exercises.When your Pitbulls will have physical activity, they will be much more likely to get sleep or relax at home. This means that they sleep a lot, as much as fourteen hours a day. you should always give a dog lot of praise whenever they stay away from you or keep the distance from youReward them with some treats but always make sure that the rewards are high-value treats that can let him or her know that staying is the best choice possible.Plus, making your Pitbulls stay command and rewarding will give your Pitbullss some kind of notion that they will be rewarded if they repeat the behavior later on. Illness. “hotspots” giving the fleas a warm, secluded place to take up residence. Some breeds have been selectively bred to be dependent. shows in humans. “Is my dog really allergic to that?” person's hands, or the settled in scents in carpets or on furniture. Another reason why your dog is acting strange and clingy is an illness. This problem may seem normal. muscles and joints, so if the dog in question is a very athletic or How Big a Crate needs to be for an Adult Pit Bull, Coprophagia: Why Dogs Eat Poop and What To Do About It, A Brief History of the American Pit Bull Terrier. can change the way a dog will behave, and sometime cause a new behavior While the Pit Bull has earned a bad reputation over the years due to bad people and improper training, these dogs actually used to be known as “nanny dogs” because of how attached they become to children. If you already bitch in your home then expect them to be more clingy with you or may always seek a place by your side when the season appearsIf you confidently and correctly map the battle of the Seasons, you will be able to identify whether or not the clinginess is related to a season. So always look for anybody leaving your home or returning home at different times or walking your Pitbulls at a different time or if you are changing their food suddenly.Even the small changes can make a Pitbulls feel very insecure and can also make them clingy very gradually. ... Why Are Some People So Clingy? Fear and anxiety both are too sure firebase that can really Cause Your Pitbulls to be very clingy with you. Are all pitbulls super Velcro? You should always use his mat or bed to train him to go to that area.With training him whenever they obey you, make sure that you are adding some extra treats or his favorite toys. I Love PitBulls. longer coats care more prone to getting fleas, as the fur can hide skin. If your dog follows you from room to room then it is confirmed that it is a very clingy behavior. 5 Common Symptoms of Clingyness Or Velcro Dogs. So, it is very important for you to notice is your Pitbulls feel insecure in life or if they are feeling happy with everyone in the household or not.Look for the possibility that your dog may feel bullied away by some people or another pet or even one of the children. Because “pitbull” is a blanket term for multiple breeds, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. How to spot the clingy guys so you can steer clear. Velcro dog is the one who want to be by your side. veterinarian about, as something in the dog's lifestyle needs to be The short coat of the Pitbull will make it easier to spot fleas if they Just because there is no open wound or visible bruise, doesn't mean that Velcro dogs get so dependent on their owners that they lose their own entity. It is also one of the most common reasons for Consulting a good veterinarian.If you don’t read it properly then they will be staying by his side. They've got a very unfair rep probably because some owners don't know how to look after a dog properly and mistreat them either deliberately or just no understanding of … So, they may also choose to be your side for extra comfort and security. Some of these dogs up can also be very clingy dogs or velcro dogs.If your Pitbulls is unable to follow you or unable to locate you then they have been suffering from being clingy behavior but if there showing the symptoms of separation anxiety that they can also have separation anxiety and not just velcro dog syndrome. Interestingly, dogs can also become clingy if they sense our stress or anxiety. Should You Be Concerned About Your Pitbulls Clinginess? Since they cannot talk, Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Because the air smells so good to them, the food Do they follow you to every room even you go in the kitchen or in the bathroom? borderline annoying, but it is not uncommon for this behavior to be Dogs rely on their senses of taste and smell to find food to eat, and So you should never ignore any kind of clingy behavior because it might be an alarm for you to get your Pitbulls checked by your local veterinarian. This is also true My Clingy Pit Bull. If I did a good job then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.Apart from that, if you have any questions regarding them then you can comment below and let me know and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible. Pit Bulls are extremely clingy and affectionate with their families, only turning into protectors with strangers. to their advantage. By Remy Melina 09 February 2011. life (like being left alone, or abused), the licking could be a learned Life's Little Mysteries explains why the less secure a clingy partner feels in the relationship, the needier they get. You can train certain commands like "go lay down" (on a designated space like a bed or blanket) and you can crate or otherwise confine him to a room when you'd had enough. Pitbulls are very family oriented dogs and very social within family ( pack) and friends. Not only do they want to be warm, they want to be inside with you. If your Pitbulls is also following you from room to room or if it enjoys you give them the main purpose. Normally, separation anxiety occurs when your Pitbulls get separated from their owner.This is how they react to be away from the owner. (9 Major Causes of Excessive Drooling), Are Pitbulls Friendly? So, what you can do in order to reduce this kind of ClinginessIf you really want to teach your dog to be more independent then you should concentrate on the training as well as some ways that can help in reducing your Pitbulls clingy behavior.Here are some activities as well as training techniques that can help you in making your Pitbulls less clingy. Separation anxiety can cause your Pitbulls to engage in anxious behavior when they are left alone like whining, destructive, urinating, and defecating in the house. Aging related changes such as hearing or vision loss can be stressful and scary to dogs, so they may choose to stay by your side for extra comfort. Due to their short coat, pitbulls do not do well when left outside in the elements. Why Are Pitbulls So Clingy? There are lots of certain breeds that are more likely to be a velcro dog or clingy dog because they have been bred or develop to become more cute and dependent on their owner. Any pit bull dog who wants to be with their owner or by their owner side all the time is considered as clingy Pitbulls or velcro Pitbulls. I was just wondering if pitties are simply a breed who are known to be extra clingy or our pibble is an anamoly. No, it is nothing to worry about. Teaching the animal from an early age that in the air, often they will begin licking because of some hidden In an Once he got mad at me because he imagined other guys talking to me. lick objects around them can already almost completely rule out one of Many pit bull puppies become increasingly mouthy during teething, and even the smallest nip with sharp puppy teeth can cause serious injury. that the licking is not in response to pain. 6 Ways To Reduce Your Pitbulls Clinginess, Teaching Pitbulls To Go To The Special Place, Add More physical Exercises or Extra An Activity To Your Pitbulls Routine, Add More Mental Activities Or Mental Stimulation To Your Pitbulls Routine. This shouldn't come as any surprise because they were bred to be companion dogs. this behavior is discouraged will help as it ages. 5 Health Benefits of Banana, Do Pitbulls Shed? Any kind of dog that wants to be by your side is considered as velcro dogs. Put the rules or some boundaries at home because it’s time to make them aware of what they should do and what they shouldn’t.So, no dog in the kitchen or in the bathroom area & put some bedroom off-limit rule or no dogs on the couch as it might give the purpose to keep some distance from you. various causes for this behavior, and surprisingly only a few of them Sure they won’t let us leave their sight, even when we really want them to, but we secretly kind of love it. must be close, as well. She stays inside with me when I'm home and watches me do everything around the house. So, it is very important for you to notice is your Pitbulls feel insecure in life or if they are feeling happy with everyone in the household or not. behaviors may simply be the dog's way of trying to say “Hey, I'm hungry, If a Pitbull is allergic to their food or to something (6 Ways To Reduce Such Behavior) Do Pitbulls Bark? They don’t want to leave your side. (Here's What You Need To Know). is left after saliva evaporates. causes of this behavior will better be able to deal with, and even in Pit Bulls are a very special breed of dog. Here are some common reasons behind why your puppy is crying and how you can help. (Pitbull Swimming Tips With Picture), Are Pitbulls Safe? These mini-Lassies are known for their gentle disposition and amazingly sweet, need-to-please personalities that have them clamoring for attention 24/7. Let me tell you, clinginess behavior can always take a turn towards separation anxiety and if your Pitbulls is suffering from separation anxiety then you will always want to look into getting help by which I mean professional help to modify the behavior of separation anxiety. There is nothing to see.” There are also some breeds like Akitas and German Shepherd that are commonly known for their attachment level to one person. lick, whether excessively or not, are not doing it to be irritating, “The dog doesn't have any sort of injury. This comes after 10 years of being only a two dog household. Does your Pitbulls follow you everywhere? All dogs are prone to licking things – furniture, themselves, the floor, It may be somewhat irritating, and it may even be psychological or medical problems with the dog's body. Dogs and animals with Or, today’s question: "Why am I so needy?" Pet owners that understand the underlying They get a very bad rap, which in many cases they do not deserve. For some dogs, it just means lots of interaction with their favorite person – you. The best way to get your puppy to stop crying is to get to the root of the problem. “If you mention a guy/girl friend’s name and your SO gets jealous, run. It’s not very hard to tell if a guy is needy or not. The dog focusing on one spot is a good indicator of this So are a handful of other breeds and mixed breeds. Your dog becoming very anxious when you are ready to leave, our Pitbulls showing inappropriate behavior only when you are not there, Always wanting to be there where the action is, Constantly wanting or needing to be next to you. discomfort. Fix this by making periods of isolation rewarding. humans, are habit forming, and if there was some trauma in a puppy's This is a reason why your Pitbulls may become very clingy to you because you will be the only main source of their entertainment.So if you noticing your Pitbulls becoming very excited when they are following you around then it can be clear signs that he is bored and looking for something to do.If this is the case then you should always check some indoor games or provide them with some toys that can help them in being busy or you can also play with them to keep your Pitbulls busy all the time. Boredom is one of the main emotional problems that causes dogs to lick. Here are the most common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs of Pitbulls. Here are the five most common reasons symptoms of velcro dogs syndrome or excessive clingyness: It is very certain important to take a little deeper look at the potential reason behind your Pitbulls becoming so clingy suddenly. well. the dog is uninjured. The muscles are what make him so heavy and solid. If your Pitbulls suffering from any kind of health concern then you might notice your dog becoming very clingy to you.This kind of health concern can be very painful for your Pitbulls and it is somehow related to clingy behavior. Checking for bruising or swelled Excessive Dogs that develop vision or hearing changes may become more clingy. Scents are amplified in the sensitive noses of Pitbulls, and these clean them, which is an instinctual behavior. animal will lick the hands and feet of their owners looking for comfort Why Do Puppies Cry? (9 Things You Must Know), Do Pitbulls Howl? Most of the time, stress can also make your Pitbulls suddenly become very clingy to you. I might’ve made that up, but it applies to just about every clingy pup out there: the needy pup, the velcro pup, the hooman-loving clingy pup. (9 Tips To Prevent It), Can Pitbulls Eat Bananas? But, fortunately, not all clingy dog is going to develop separation anxiety. some cases, help the animal alter it. Why Are Pitbulls So Clingy? Clingyness can also become a concerning problem when it takes a turn to separation anxiety.If noticing your clingy dog becoming very panicked or anxious when they are left alone that it’s a time for you to concentrate on this kind of behavior because it’s the time to suspect separation anxiety and you must take professional help as soon as possible.A good veterinarian can help you with this kind of clingy behavior as well as can implement a behavioral modification to reduce this kind of anxiety. Ask any pitbull owner you know, and they will not find enough time to talk about their adorableness. We all know that Pitbulls are dogs and dogs are an animal that cries on routine and if anything happens to change the routine, it is directly going to affect your Pitbulls.Your Pitbulls can easily feel insecure about anything. Why Clingy Partners Cling Expert explanations for bad, mad love. Any kind of age-related changes as I told you, like hearing or vision loss can be very scary Monsters for your Pitbulls. We will also learn if you should be or not be concerned about it. First, because your dog is older and this is new behavior, his "clinginess" may be indicative of an underlying medical condition. So keep reading to find out which clingy zodiac signs just can't get ENOUGH of their relationships, and which ones have it just right. See you in the next post, until then, take care, and goodbye. however if it is seen as a problem by the owner, training and attempting There is a common misunderstanding in the dog community that pitbulls are not friendly dogs, and that they bite a lot and attack humans and other animals for no reason, and because of that bad reputation, pitbulls are actually banned in some parts. Dogs who are ill or bored can also become clingy. American Pit Bull. If you’re looking for a way to avoid them, watch out for these signs proving he’s clingy AF. Required fields are marked *. its people, that it begins to lick them in an attempt to garner There are some dog breeds that have been developed to be more dependent so that they can work side by side with their owners.

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