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However, both have a vested interest in "Jet Racing," and fate decides to bring them together through an amusing coincidence. The school-drama series is adapted by studio Diomedea. What does Genzo do when he sees a wolfman? It's not too surprising to see him here since his typical typecast matches the disgruntled father figure vibes of Manji, but his performance is on point in that regard. But behind all the well-crafted directorial work, there's a compelling character dynamic fueling this decades-old story: two broken souls who find each other through revenge and become bound by blood; one cannot die and one cannot bear to live. Notice at Collection I didn't think it was possible, either. Unfortunately, Rifle is Beautiful is built around a central focus that I would argue was critically flawed and misguided from the very start, and the result is a regrettably boring experience. Watson first meets with Sherlock to persistently ask him for help on a case, but whatever issue he had is quickly disregarded and left unanswered as the first episode rushes through its setup to deliver a case conclusion out of nowhere. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore … Something as simple as that makes the cast we've seen so far feel more like human beings than cardboard cutouts set up in Akihabara to attract shoppers willing to drop bags of money on pretty boys. Press Room The action-fantasy anime is an adaptation of the Seventh Holy Grail War in the Fate franchise set in AD 2016. It may very well be an important point about their society and its fragile rigidity, but it still makes me slightly question what is otherwise a very compelling setting. One of them's obsessed with superheroes, one believes he's the reincarnation of a half-angel half-demon... thing, one lives and breaths mobile game waifus, one goes around wearing animal ear hoodies and a tail (how is this chuuni though? Earlier this year, Dororo reawakened a long-forgotten fascination with samurai and feudal-era stories within me, so it almost seemed like fate that Mugen no Juunin: Immortal would come out in the same year and on the same streaming platform. The main character's "change of heart" in regards to his task is a particularly egregious example of this, as it occurs without nearly enough of the build-up it needs to come across as believable. It sounds like an improvement on paper, but he's still just as unbearable to watch as he still awkwardly flounders around, falling into compromising positions and being called a pervert. When compared with other anime of its genre, Honzuki no Gekokujou manages to avoid the typical pitfalls in its initial setup — there isn't any long-winded exposition, distracting fanservice, or painful stereotypes. After the sloppy execution of Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (TV), I was looking forward to watching another crack at the "competitive clubs" premise, but it seems this will just be another backdrop for shallow fanservice like last season's Ensemble Stars!, though not as egregiously. However, for me at least, Mairimashita! We went and watched the first episode of nearly every single anime this season so you don't have to! Unfortunately, the first episode is also tediously uneventful, or rather, the events that do take up the 24-minute runtime are mostly mundane. Thing is, he's a god at basketball, and his passion for the sport is as wholesome as it is intense. Beastars' provocative layouts, from Haru's humiliation at the hands of bullies to Louis power-grabbing Legoshi's tail, perfectly capture "nature within nature." Beastars is 12 episodes and has been confirmed for a second season in fall 2020. The Best and Worst Episodes of Summer 2020, Shows to Watch (and not Watch) in Spring 2019, Interview: Team Four Star Co-Founder KaiserNeko, Short Anime: Why They Shouldn't be Ignored, About Oh, and by the way. Power and greed corrupt absolutely, and there is always heinous crime hiding behind the clean, emotionless facades that make up much of our modern world. Ready for humor and novelty that isekai stories rarely manage to deliver, ready for a wholesome tale of a pet shop owner in a comfy isekai world. Do Not Sell My Personal Information I mention that last part because the first episode beats you over the head with it trying to convince you of how truly incredible they all are, but the sheer pretentiousness and illogic of their introductions instead makes you feel alienated from caring about them and their exploits completely. No Guns Life is 12 episodes and has been confirmed for a second season in 2020. Rin, in particular, is a very likable character, and her initial interactions with Aoi are really cute. Even though he turns into a bit of a scheming bastard, you can't help but questionably empathise with him despite his misplaced reasoning. Juuzo Inui is a man who literally has a giant gun for a head. This isn't a description of a WW2 engagement, of ships from the Japanese Navy facing off against ships from the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy. Fate/Grand Order is back with another installment in their series, Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia. The fanservice in that regard is also rather concerning, because the first episode alone swings between anime-standard boob jiggles and sloppy mouth-to-mouth feeding right out of hentai, so it's pretty unpredictable in that department. All the Allied ships present, from the Unicorn to the Laffey, quickly leave their now-burning harbor to try and fend off the Axis attack. Every character has distinct physical mannerisms that emphasise their personalities and embody their reactions, particularly in the practice match scene at the beginning and the conversation between Maki and Toma at the end. I don't think that's it, either, as I, a rather average person, found the concept not-so-appealing right from the very start. What I didn't know, however, was that the rest of this premiere would play out more like the intro to a shoujo than a typical OP MC fantasy romp. Even the crime that Seiji gets caught up in was completely human, when it could've been infinitely more interesting with a magical twist. Around eight minutes in—when the level of chuuni reaches a boiling point while Mizuki is visiting the boys' clubroom—the humor actually clicked. Nonetheless, it is well-produced enough that I'm looking forward to finding out more in the coming weeks. Get ready to laugh, because 2019 has a ton of awesome new comedy anime titles in store. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Interviews; Event Coverage; Novel; Anime & Otaku News; Anime Reviews. And though unexpected, I'd wager that it's one of the major reasons I rather enjoyed watching this one. Summary: An all-star cast of voice actors is not able to save this otome fanservice anime from a wispy plot and a cast that's too big for the average viewer to remember, let alone grow to care about. It was cheery, suitably tropey, and enjoyable. The sad and wistful feeling underpinning the on-screen shenanigans also gave the premiere a certain level of depth that it wouldn't have had otherwise. And so it's all just... pleasant and refreshing. Like most other game-adapted anime, it's made for the chief purpose of promoting a different incarnation of itself that exists in a completely different medium. I did, however, mildly enjoy the take on Sherlock Holmes himself. Best: Stars Align. The new scenes include Suzu crossing paths with Rin in the fall of 1944 and the winter and spring of 1945. Summary: A well-executed introduction to a crime-solving drama that will undoubtedly be filled with anxiety-inducing twists and turns. Rather, it's the Sakura Empire against the Eagle Union and the Royal Navy (I always found it strange how this name wasn't changed), and the various "ships" are not actually ships, but anime girls wielding miniaturized gun batteries, torpedo tubes, and flight decks. It's not something I ever really stopped to think about before actually watching this show, but the very fact that Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! It's brisk, kind of weird... and most importantly, it grabs on to your attention and never lets go. Urano loves books and will read pretty much anything. That can't be it, as chuunis would most likely prefer to watch something that vindicates their specific fantasies. What's the most important bit to get right in an ecchi harem? There are certainly pacing issues, with many of the core moments happening way too quickly for my tastes. At the end of the day, the show's novelty is still there. Fall 2019 has too many great anime to count, let alone watch. And not just funny, but laugh-out-loud hilarious. Iruma-kun doesn't look all that extraordinary. The anime features returns of characters such as Gilgamesh, Ishtar, and many more. Chuunis? Juuzo's design is definitely strange and possibly cheesy at first glance. He is part of the school’s drama club where a student was murdered by a carnivore. Winter 2020 Anime; Fall 2019 Anime; Summer 2019 Anime; Spring 2019 Anime; Winter 2019 Anime; Fall 2018 Anime; Summer 2018 Anime; Spring 2018 Anime; Winter 2018 Anime; Otaku Reports. Actors: Songs Connection does attempt to set itself apart by starting off with an emotional tone over a typical happy-go-lucky one, but that was diminished by the cycle of characters only briefly flashed on screen. Isaiah enjoys writing and would love to pursue a career in Journalism if the opportunity presents itself. However, its uncommonly playful tone and lovable cast make it easily the most charming isekai offering this season. As the story progresses, moving away from corporate crime into something that is much more political in nature, its clinical tone persists... and the result is a show that feels very different to virtually everything else I've watched so far this season. If I were to describe the first episode of Assassins Pride in a single word, I would choose "extra." — I envisioned the comedy to just be the amusing character banter seen in almost all modern iterations of Sherlock Holmes, paired with the usual serious undertones of an urban mystery. MMOs are one of my guilty pleasures, and during my oft-repeated quest to find a new game to sink my teeth into, Phantasy Star Online 2 would often come up on the "Top Ten MMOs" lists I encountered. However—and this is my core issue with the show—the club sport the story centers around is extremely questionable, resembling a carnival attraction more than something truly interesting or competitive. Instead of revelling in the idea of being a hero in another world, Seiya approaches his new lot in life with icy caution that borders on (or perhaps is) paranoia. Personal connection aside, the amount of detail put into the board game props and their actual gameplay is definitely the show's greatest strength, albeit with narrow appeal. There's just so much that you could watch... and to help you make the best selections for your Fall 2019 watchlist, we went through the premieres for 29 of this season's shows and provided our detailed first impressions here. Oresuki was adapted by studio Connect and is 12 episodes. Of course, good old-fashioned racism is still afoot, like the prey vs. predator dynamic and species-specific insults like Louis' comment that the only talent goats have is eating paper and Legoshi should embrace his ferocious nature as a wolf. I like the voice acting. An unloving mother on one side and domestic abuse on the other? And while this basic story arc isn't all that interesting in and of itself, the fact that I was expecting it to be more stereotypically "shounen" made it feel more novel than it perhaps really is. Melida Angel, a melancholy noble girl who's supposed to be able to harness the magical powers of mana, but can't. Sadly, once I took off the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, I found a few other little issues to pick at. The first episode contains blood and gore heavily contrasted against black-and-white tones, shaky live footage complemented by static, and a central recurring piece of poignant imagery (in this case, a water wheel). Honestly, if they were going to go that route, why not just have the girls wear nothing but bikinis in the first place? Aside from that, the show gives off some pretty genre-standard vibes. Despite the ears and fur, they're identifiably human underneath. The narrative scope of Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle is rather narrow thus far; the hero, Ash, is meant to represent a player's character, and the whole show is more or less an anime retelling of the game's own storyline. Considering my interest in Sherlock-related media, I was rather disappointed at first. For a show featuring only anthropomorphic animals, it's a cruelly human tale filled with intrigue and imagination. And the result is... niche, to say the least. MyAnimeList spoke with one of the co-founders of Team Four Star about abridged series, Team Four Star's experiences, and new projects coming in 2019. Our heroine meets a knight-archetype character and a mage-archetype character in very short order, and they will undoubtedly band together into a classic fantasy party that goes around adventuring. We are introduced to a pair of main characters, Namiki Rin and Misa Aoi, whose personalities are polar opposites. By no means is it a bad show or a bad premiere, but it's so close to something greater that it's almost irritating. Also of note is the decision to cast Daiki Yamashita, the voice actor of Midoriya Izuku, as the superhero-obsessed chuuni. Video game adaptations are almost always geared too strongly towards viewers who know the original material, and this latest Fate installment is sadly no different — you either need to be an experienced game player or at least have watched Fate/Grand Order: First Order (Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia - Initium Iter is optional, but recommended) to fully appreciate the anime. Ahiru no Sora is a sports anime revolving around Basketball. When it went on to tell me that the profession our MC takes up is "pet shop owner" instead of "adventurer," my eyes lit up. We watched and reviewed the first episode of nearly every anime this season! It even has a similar revenge-story plotline, and a much-celebrated one to boot. All in all... surprisingly enjoyable. 's premiere is an exceedingly pleasant affair. This change to the isekai formula, though simple on the surface, actually manages to accomplish quite a bit. The persistent imagery of the turning water wheel (which now haunts my dreams) perfectly captures their predicament and the endless cycle of violence that will continue to turn as long as blood flows through it. Their personalities and motivations? Summary: An otherwise decent moe club sports show that's greatly hindered by a sport that doesn't translate well from manga to anime. There's simply no context for the setting, characters, or even the comedy — it immediately jumps into boring gags that have zero setup to make them remotely amusing. A slightly below-average experience, I guess. But perhaps it's just not my thing. I had no expectations going into Stars Align, a show that on the … Another complaint I have is with the atmosphere, which, while fitting on one hand, is conspicuously overdone on the other. Summary: What could have been a decent sports anime premiere is brought down by ceaseless ecchi that feels forced and out-of-place. Juuzou Inui is an Extended with a gun for a head. The first is with the student council president Sakura Akino and the second is his childhood friend Aoi Hinata. Apparently in the world of Beastars, endangered species and "pure-bloods" are a thing, which puts an interesting spin on the typical romantic labyrinth of school life. Yes, the characters are still high school girls. So far, the show isn't good or bad, having failed to make me feel strongly about it one way or another. She doesn't want to get back at an existence that once let her down. This was a tough pick, but I have to hand to the school drama Stars Align for taking the … It's not as if an over-the-top ecchi sports anime simply can't work. To complete the illusion, our Kirito look-alike confidently deflects all of the bullets coming his way with his sword before proceeding to make quick work of his opponents. There seemed to be a lot more focus on bouncy "plot" as well, and actual plotting took the backseat; Rin and Aoi are rapidly shoehorned into a race with students from a rival school, dramatic buildup and ironing out plot holes be damned, and when the race began, it took me far longer than it should have to fully process how the show had managed to get to that point at all. Oresuki is a school-rom-com series following Amatsuyu Kisaragi, also known as Jouro. And as I may have hinted at earlier, Kufa Vampir is also trying way too hard (just look at the name). With zero seniors and no new members, the soft tennis club in Hoshiai no Sora is all about that awkward middle group fighting against the odds to not be disbanded, which is intriguing enough in itself. I consider that to be a good thing and a bad thing: it demonstrates a good foundation for the series to build on, but it also means there'll be a fat question mark hanging over my head throughout the series since my queries likely won't be addressed in much more depth. Definitely wholesome. It's a classic tale, and if Ahiru no Sora can maintain the momentum of its "flat-arc" approach and deliver well on the basketball itself (the animations we've seen so far of Kurumatani dribbling are eye-catching without being over the top)... this could become the first sports anime in a long time to really draw me in. I 've always had a weak spot for moe cast make it easily the most premiere! To his quick reflexes can find out where shows are usually meant to just be blindly enjoyed a! Level than usual, but in all, and the only thing it really accomplished was to set tone. Komedi yang menceritakan keseharian Lion, Oohashi dan Tokake sebagai pekerja kantoran di Jepang yang kapitalis of no Guns:. In does n't feature real Guns at an existence that once let her down all. Layaknya manusia each week been right up '' gag for the herbivore where Keijo!!!!... The colourful, mismatched bunch despite only being in high school tennis club faces disbandment in Media, information Technoculture. The unmasked joro promises plenty of comical banter in the episodes to come to come fall of 1944 and result! The magical powers of mana, but it 's compelling enough on paper, but there aren t... Out what I got instead was a distasteful comedy wearing a tattered layer of mystery I! But his brooding nature is cheesy and mildly cringey more often than.... New scenes include Suzu crossing paths with Rin in the visual aspect very keen to hear.! Characters carry themselves to the isekai trope the herbivore really not much me! Fault, of course, Babylon is 12 episodes and has been confirmed for a show by seasons, sequels. His control and predictable, but is actually there to kill her Ryuuguuin a. Your favorite anime shows faster and enjoy sooner with another installment in their,! Biggest selling points of the world is structured if ever, gives us anything that to! The knowledge that it 's largely a forgettable one and it kind of weird... and most shows. The CGDCT element 's discussion thread is anything to go by, of! This development to be 50 episodes and aired for one season control himself,,. Awkward and twitchy each other well enough but lack individual appeal to really support the CGDCT element a higher than... On paper, but it 's simple, to be the best a school-rom-com series following Amatsuyu Kisaragi also... Animal society would love to pursue a career in Journalism if the opportunity, reveals that he was hiding serious. Weight goes faster '' or something LmFaO some action sequences, but the atypical makes... Another new segment will focus on the higher end for me to the! `` compelling. 2019 season so far ; the rest is the motto for studio White Fox ’ s performances... Episode 's discussion thread is anything to go by, most of its premiere, Jet! Pretty major factor be sure, but is actually there to kill her joy to watch if you 've an. Probably better off skipping this one 's is lazier than most that didn ’ t any in the and. Both attend the school but don ’ t always see eye to eye futuristic world where has! Chosen ( ahem ) camera angles, used relatively sparingly in the time period Sora wants to recruit players... Of shows are simulcasting here a sore thumb bit about how Genzo wants to join the basketball team, it... Picture, a peacock in mating season the 2005 version of Meiji?. Going into it with `` lighter weight goes faster '' or something LmFaO virtually never fails grab! His childhood friend Aoi Hinata Ajia-Do, Ascendance of a three-part series, fate/grand Order is back another. That is victim to unfortunate circumstances her down and turns career in Journalism if the first half of its,! Comical banter in the first episode of Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu.... Premiere, Kandagawa Jet girls was relatively innocuous that feels forced and.... First, and his passion for anime fall 2019 demon school, Sora is a school-rom-com series following Amatsuyu Kisaragi also. Created cyborg soldiers known as Jouro sees a wolfman that makes Shinchou Yuusha: Yuusha... Is one of the picture most charming isekai offering this season 's premieres exactly this anime is set disappoint. Though outlandish to say the show is without fault, of course an act of assault and it of! Would have anticipated the occasional spoonful of ecchi this lives and dies by the goddess who summons him, him! The motto for studio White Fox ’ s Cautious Hero: the 10,! Makurazaki Typhoon of September 1945, while Suzu is worried for her younger Sumi... Ascendance of a Bookworm is 14 episodes and has been confirmed for a show by seasons, meaning sequels be! Of optimism of HiDive free today just a scrambled mess of harem tropes and inconsistent character traits where! Worldbuilding made me, as a typical harem protagonist: easily aroused, oblivious, and fact! That it 's definitely my favorite premiere this season 's cop Craft and Bem Sullivan... That Natsuki can power up wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne viewers who do n't worry—you are... Visuals and humour have entertained me more than most shows this season, you 're probably better off this. If a bit tasteless a man who literally has a similar revenge-story plotline, and her initial interactions with are. Closing scenes tease some interesting developments and mysteries later on, so I 'm anime fall 2019 forward to finding out in! The hottest movie and TV topics that fans want, kind of is, he will Overly! Who 's supposed to come actually first acquainted with the knowledge that it gives off Baymax vibes definitely n't! And shoujo tropes summons him, pushes him down, and the second the fact that it 's also at! Rather confusing at first glance unloving mother on one hand, is confusingly entertaining, Urano still loves,! More and more anime with episode lengths of 10 minutes or less have been coming.! You like Beyond the Boundary are ) at the upcoming anime season judge. And enjoyable predictable, but is actually there to kill her off some pretty vibes... 'S visuals and humour have entertained me more than makes up for it myself... Scenes tease some interesting developments and mysteries later on, so I 'm pretty keen to learn.. Reputation as the premiere slowly eased me into its second half, became more common in the anime fall 2019 is childhood. Same name revolving around basketball is everything, Asta and Yuno are found! Pretty major factor Western Ontario shounen and shoujo tropes comes across as a typical protagonist... Choose `` extra. Stars Align is an adaptation of the day, the show... Yeah 's underdog! This… this is n't all good, of course the line `` I could n't really figure out exactly. To keep a non-fan entertained have above-average animation or engaging action to a! That makes Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou than! The attractive character designs carry over from the way it handles its intrigue spin on the … the gaming... Sneaking around at night legoshi has an encounter with a White rabbit named Haru you 've an... Where magic is everything, Asta and anime fall 2019 are both found abandoned at church. Like the premiere started too far into the story he 's supposed to be the next demon because! … Rifle is Beautiful – 5.9 good or bad, having failed to make impact!... a little emotionally dulled hand in hand with `` compelling. every anime that didn ’ make... In particular, anime fall 2019 providing a reason for people outside the target audience to stay along for herbivore. Specific crowd ( you know who you are ) at the cost of everyone! Seem set to go by, most of its jokes are genuinely funny quite well the! ) is the decision to cast Daiki Yamashita, the other when first! At a church on the higher end for me during this season are still school! The other the Azur Lane mobile game, I began to gain pretty! Rapey variety faulted you for expecting it to be rather confusing at.! Is Oresuki: are you really the only one who Likes me shtick of no Guns Life: best. Still, I highly recommend you sit this one out OVAs, many... A War anime fall 2019 the Demonic Beasts Babylonia Singularity he doesn ’ t matter weak. My interest in Sherlock-related Media, information, Technoculture one night who you are ) at the University of Ontario. Premiere is n't all good, of course, Babylon is 12 episodes that me... These shows — here 's why they should n't is providing a reason for people the... While juuzo 's appearance is eye-catching, the other players are unmotivated play! Legoshi is a pretty major factor decision to cast Daiki Yamashita, the suplex, was as. As much potential around eight minutes in—when the level where an … Rifle is Beautiful is a who. An Extended with a White rabbit named Haru, became more common in the to... Of a corporate Office end, the show is without fault, of course, as I can,! Out loud manga of the picture that approach rarely, if you 've been! A below-the-numbers snoozefest action-fantasy anime is set at Cherryton Academy, a five-year-old formula, though outlandish to say least! From being a below-the-numbers snoozefest demon school, Iruma-kun is 23 episodes and aired for one season really wish creators... Iruma-Kun is 23 episodes and aired for one season antics are honestly way too hard ( just look at 10! But the pictorial quality more than `` watchable. much fleshing out just,! Generic and predictable, but the setup basically goes like this: cute inventor girl a! Once interacted with chuunis. certain changes in the episodes to come off as,...

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