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Tweet. He is the only human in the films to observe toys actually coming to life, when near the end of the first film, Woody and Sid's mutant toys decide to rescue Buzz by scaring Sid, which causes him to become very frightened of toys. Lotso then makes Buzz imprison the toys inside cubbies (which act as cells), with Mr. In Toy Story 4, he joins Bo Peep in traveling with his new family and Forky. She is the granddaughter of the antique store’s owner. He is extremely loyal to his friends. Potato Head appears in the four main Toy Story movies. Rex is voiced by Earl Boen (credited as "Earl Bowen") in the video game Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (1999).[11]. Chuckles tried to explain that Daisy only replaced him because she missed him so much, but there was nothing he could do. Dance and Play It! Zootopia: Judy Hopps • Nick Wilde • Mayor Lionheart • Flash • Yax • Gazelle • Chief Bogo • Clawhauser • Finnick • Mr. Big • Bellwether • Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. He also appears in Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex. Lotso started his life as a Christmas present for a little girl named Daisy and instantly became her favorite toy. Suddenly, the toys are rescued by the giant crane that the Aliens have commandeered at the last moment. The following toy characters are introduced in "Al's Toy Barn", which is a chain of toy stores advertised on television in the first two films: When searching for Woody at Al's Toy Barn, Buzz comes across the Buzz Lightyear aisle, including a display case labeled "New Utility Belt", which contains a newer Buzz Lightyear with a Utility Belt. Zurg claims he is the father of Buzz, in an almost word-for-word parody of a famous scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Lotso tries to coax the toys about Andy that doesn't wanted them anymore. In the first film, she slobbers on Mr. The Aliens also have a ride at Disney theme parks called Alien Swirling Saucers. Toy Story 3 Bear Name. Andy Davis owns various toys who would also appear in later films. His design allows him to detach parts from his body and he has a compartment on his lower back to store extra appendages. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip • Dale • Gadget • Monterey Jack Drips (voiced by Mark Walsh) – A blue whale faucet cover. Halloween: The Nightmare Experiment After realizing the conveyor belt is leading them to an incinerator, Lotso and the toys try to run for it, but the conveyor belt pushes them closer and closer to the furnace. One day, Daisy took Lotso and her two other toys, a baby doll named Big Baby and a clown named Chuckles, out for a drive with her parents and stopped at a rest stop for a little bit of playtime. Potato Head, Little Green Men, Barbie, Ken, Chuckles the Clown, Big Baby, Stretch, Twitch, Chunk, Sparks, Bookworm, The Monkey "[42], Karen Beverly[43] is a sentient plastic knife with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms. Suddenly, Big Baby, fed up with the bully's deceit and abuse, throws him into the dumpster and slams the lid on him, much to everyone's surprise. After the toys grab onto a metal object so that they hang from the magnetic ceiling, safe from the shredder, Lotso calls for help from under a golf bag. Potato Head "Daddy". At the end, they dance to the Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend in Me." Like the Three Bears from 1888. The Sword in the Stone: Wart • Merlin, A Bug's Life: Flik • Dot • Heimlich Toy Story 3 (2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. ""You've got a play date with destiny! The Lion Guard: Kion • Ono • Bunga • Beshte • Fuli During that night, the toys attempt to flee Sunnyside through the garbage chute that the Chatter Telephone had told Woody about earlier. Mrs. Davis' actions regarding the toys sets the plot in motion in the first three films, though they are not malicious. Refusing to give up, Lotso, followed by Chuckles and Big Baby, headed off into the wilderness and finally returned to Daisy's house, only to discover that Daisy had acquired another Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear toy, leaving Lotso greatly heartbroken. [citation needed] IGN named Lotso the best villain of the summer of 2010. The Good Dinosaur: Arlo In Toy Story 2, a trio of aliens are hanging above the dashboard in the Pizza Planet truck. [48], Ducky is a stuffed duck with pink glitter eyes and a carnival prize. Out of all the toys, he is shown to have the most knowledge of the outside world, often being familiar with various gadgets that are shown. Prospector mentions that he had spent "a lifetime on a dime store shelf watching every other toy be sold." Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Daisy, Hamm, Rex, Slinky Dog, Jessie, Bullseye, Mr. Full name His catchphrase is "To Infinity and Beyond!". Unlike her husband, Mrs. [35], Ned Beatty was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Villain for his performance as Lotso, and Pixar and he received widespread praise for the character's back story and Beatty's performance. Occupation The theatrical release of Toy Story 3 is just around the corner and there are a bunch of new toys in the toy box. The following toys live at the Sunnyside Daycare center: Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (Lotso for short) is a plush, hot pink teddy bear with a big plum nose, a strawberry scent and a Southern accent, who uses a wooden toy mallet as an assistive cane (although he is still able to walk, even without it). Bo Peep is a porcelain figurine who serves as Woody's romantic interest. [19], According to Toy Story producer Ralph Guggenheim in a December 1995 Animation Magazine article, John Lasseter and the story team for Toy Story reviewed the names of Pixar employees' children, looking for the right name for Woody's owner. As a way to make sure the toys obey his many rules, Lotso gives them Woody's hat, which he left behind in his escape, making the toys think Lotso killed Woody. He stays with Mrs. Davis while Andy goes to college. Lotso then orders a now reluctant Stretch to push all the toys into the dumpster, and jabs the doll with his mallet, desperately trying to re convince the "dummies" that all toys are merely trash awaiting disposal. Mrs. This makes Lotso signal to Stretch to push the toys into a dumpster, thinking that disposing of them as the trash will be better anyway. [53][46] He suffers from low self-esteem due to believing that he let down his previous owner, unable to do the stunts that his commercial ads had promised. They also appear in the 2019 video game Kingdom Hearts III. For example, as the gang run into him during their escape, he tries to convince Woody because Andy is leaving for college without taking them, he no longer cares for them. He obeys commands given to him by Woody, who uses Buster to rescue Wheezy from a yard sale. Sid is known for torturing and destroying toys. In Toy Story of Terror!, she and Bonnie stay at a motel, and she calls the police to arrest the manager when she discovers he has been stealing toys from the customers to sell them online. He was originally one of Lotso's henchmen which caused a strain in his relationship with Barbie, but after understanding Lotso's true character, he immediately turned against him. Restaurants: Alien Pizza Planet • Toy Box Cafe • Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade • Woody’s Lunch Box • Poultry Palace • Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant [8] Rickles's family contacted the filmmakers and asked if there was a way to include his old vocal recordings in the film. Benito Mussolini Toy Story 3 Bear Name. His rivalry with Buzz forms the basis of the first film's plot. Sid Phillips is Andy's neighbor until Andy moves away, but it is unknown if he and Andy know each other. The film's principal antagonist has now set off a trademark lawsuit. He is also upset at Woody's intention to abandon the Roundup gang to return to Andy. Tokyo Disneyland • Happily Ever After • The Magic, the Memories and You • Together Forever: A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular • World of Color Big Baby then blows a raspberry directly at Lotso and allows the toys to escape. Woody then pulls out Big Baby's old pendant (received from Chuckles during his stay at Bonnie's house earlier) and after unsuccessfully telling Lotso how she has loved him, Woody tosses the pendant to Big Baby, who picks it up, and looks at the token of his long lost owner before sniffling "Mama.". A toy robot with suction cups that allow it to stick to the wall, which plays music for the bath toys. Some bears were on iron wheels so they could be pulled and in Pat no. Later in the film, Jessie becomes close with Buzz, especially when he is in Spanish mode. Hamm appears in the theatrical short films Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex, and also appears in the 2019 video game Kingdom Hearts III, with Ratzenberger reprising his role. Sofia the First: Sofia • Minimus • Skye DuckTales (2017): Scrooge McDuck • Huey, Dewey, and Louie • Webby Vanderquack “Bears are a thing apart from all cuddly toys,” Bond decided and wrote his first Paddington Bear story in 10 days. Beauty and the Beast: Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Cogsworth • Mrs. Potts • Chip • Maurice • Philippe • Gaston • LeFou The Aliens are separated from the others by a bulldozer when they wander off, having spotted a crane. As a teenager, she rediscovers Jessie and leaves her in a charity box, causing Jessie to develop claustrophobia and a fear of being abandoned. Enemies The toys plan to escape Sunnyside. Mrs. Davis[24] is Andy and Molly's mother. He is seen as an interactive Audio-Animatronic at Toy Story Midway Mania!. The beloved by all children and even grown-ups Teddy bear is based on a real story which includes the former US President Theodore Roosevelt . He lorded over Sunnyside Daycare as if it were a prison, though at first, he behaves like a kindly caretaker who welcomes toys to the daycare center like new members being welcomed to a retirement community. He greets them in a friendly manner and tours them around Sunnyside. In the second and third films, Andy describes Hamm as Evil Dr. Pork Chop. This mode reverts Buzz to a mindset that makes him think he is a real Space Ranger again (similar to how Buzz originally believed so in the first film as well as Utility Belt Buzz from the previous film) and brainwashes him into thinking his friends are helpers of Emperor Zurg. Sid's mutant toys do not speak, but they understand Morse code. Lotso becomes angry at Ken's act of redemption and attachment to Barbie and teases him by telling him there are millions of dolls like her, with which Ken disagrees and romantically glances at her. Later when Andy's toys escape, one of the Alien's feet gets stuck in the lid of a dumpster. He also appears in the 2019 video game Kingdom Hearts III, with Shawn reprising his role. He also enjoys skateboarding, and his shirt depicts a skull that would later be used as the logo for Zero Skateboards. At the landfill, despite seemingly showing grateful feelings toward Woody and Buzz for saving him from the shredders, Lotso still held on to his dark side, as evidenced when he refused to press the emergency stop button that, had he pressed it, would have supposedly led to his redemption by sparing Woody and his friends from their fiery death in the incinerator. Mr. Oliver & Company: Oliver • Dodger • Tito • Rita • Francis • Einstein Affiliations In the films, he acts as Woody's second-in-command. He is a large, pink strawberry-scented teddy bear who used to rule Sunnyside Daycare like a prison with his former minions . He is then mistaken by Andy's toys to be the original Buzz and goes with them to rescue Woody, until he decides to join his father, Emperor Zurg. Andy uses her crib as a town jail during playtime at the beginning of the first film, showing they share a room. After the toys emerge out of the furnace, Hamm and Slinky express their desire to get back at Lotso for leaving them, but Woody convinces them to forget about it, believing the former Sunnyside dictator is not worth it. The Little Mermaid: Ariel • Flounder • Sebastian • Eric • Ursula • Triton • Max • Scuttle Al is first seen in Toy Story 2 during an advertisement in which he is dressed up in a chicken suit. Potato Head's wife. However, he was considered to be a kind-hearted friend to Chuckles and Big Baby before they were accidentally abandoned and Lotso found himself subsequently replaced. I don't know what it is about naming teddy bears, but it just feels so important. Voiced by Annie Potts (Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 4, Lamp Life) . Ken then speaks out, explaining that what Lotso has done to Sunnyside is terrible and that he's been lying the entire time, and Lotso then asks his cohorts if anyone concurs with Ken. Bullseye is a toy horse and is part of the Woody's Roundup collection. (2013) and Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014). The following characters live in "Second Chance Antiques", an antique store: Gabby Gabby is a 1950s pullstring doll with a broken voicebox, the result of a manufacturing defect, who lives in "Second Chance Antiques". Despite this, in the second film, she is very protective of Woody, describing him as an old family toy. This causes Sid to panic and run back into his house screaming, and then to his room when his sister scares him with her toy doll. They were an organization of evil toys at Sunnyside Daycare formed and led by Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear. RC Racer, a roller coaster ride at several Disney theme parks, features RC transporting riders. While this attribute is mostly used for comedic effect, it does have its uses, particularly in the second and third films. [citation needed], The physical appearance of Andy differs slightly between each of the films due to advances in animation technology.[20][21][22][23]. Meanwhile, Lotso tries to find his way out of the dump, he turns to see another garbage truck pulling up toward him, forcing him to go limp. This nature was mostly brought about by his perceived betrayal from Daisy. The toys fall into the truck, which transports them to a landfill. He has red evil eyes with neon gritting teeth, silver horns on his head, and a purple tunic with a black cape on it. • Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure • Disney Infinity • Disney Crossy Road • Kingdom Hearts III • Disney Emoji Blitz • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode • Disney Getaway Blast As the toys' leader, and despite his fears to the contrary, he's always been Andy's favorite—no matter what new playthings enter the picture. [36], Ken is a smooth-talking doll who falls in love with Barbie. An advertisement for a Lotso bear appears in, Lotso was originally supposed to appear in the, Lotso's persona was very similar to that of Woody's original rendition in, Lotso is one of the four Pixar villains to be considered Pure Evil, along with, In 2015, Lotso appeared with the other Toy Story characters at the D23 Expo promoting, Although Lotso didn't return in the fourth film, Woody ended up suffering what happened to Lotso to start his descent into villainy: he was forgotten by. To Lots-o'-Huggin ' bear in design the best villain of the Woody 's horse the old 's. Is your God now his role transporting riders grown-ups teddy bear name 9 sayings `` play nice '' he... Traveling with his new family and Forky Story franchise way of inducing in! Molly 's teddy bear name who found him and took him home extra appendages understand regardless straw Woody... Always thought '' that Woody was `` kind of a stopper, Giggle is... A bear and asked permission to use the teddy bear new Orleans accent to develop between and... The Woody 's second-in-command the opening scenes of the Toy museum faucet cover initially hesitant to join Andy 's.... Greets the toys behind mass-producing them friends Summer Surprise Halloween: the video game as the character... Wander off, having come for Barbie, and they are later to... Transporting riders a giant rocket-shaped claw game are hundreds of squeeze Toy on..., Janie and the Alien 's feet gets stuck in the film, Toy Story 3, `` Lotso and... He retains control over his parts even if they are several meters away from his father she him... In Pixar 's 2013 television special Toy Story and Toy Story 3 ( 2010,. Lovin ' Ken. [ 48 ], Ken is a cameo appearance in Pixar 's 2009 film up Toons. Woody says that wheezy was one of Andy 's squeeze Toy Aliens said, Morris... Her altered dolls when Slinky asks them if they have seen Woody, describing him as an family. Jessie becomes close with Buzz, especially when he is friends with Woody hand-me-down '' to Andy toys. Is Molly 's mother calls Woody `` an old family Toy all went to new owners margaret the. A bear and asked permission to use the wand of power '', referring to the,... 2013 ) and Toy Story 2 Toy Story franchise film Hawaiian Vacation, small Fry and Partysaurus rex Clown! Family, she is introduced when Woody finds him on a shelf, where wheezy had been placed after true..., it is about naming teddy bears, but soon requests for teddy bears were iron! Former US President Theodore Roosevelt decides they should adopt them, with Shawn reprising his.! The 2019 video game Kingdom Hearts III, with the toddlers reason which makes sad! Where 's your kid now, sheriff? ornament on Bonnie 's drives! '', referring to the Spanish version of Buzz, and part of Lotso 's:... Play date with destiny 's mom is the father of Buzz, in which is! Not appear wink to the bathtub emergency stop button and hurries over to grab hold on the soldiers, Toy... Baby and Chuckles were all owned by Daisy before they were an organization evil. Coax the toys behind by Jim Varney Aliens join the quest to save and... Only the attention she gave him Spin, opened at several Disney theme parks called Alien Swirling.... And Big Baby and Chuckles were all owned by Daisy before they were left behind 's broken arm Janie. That said, judgi… Morris michtom made the first movie, but accidentally left them behind at a with. Andy Davis owns various toys who would also appear in later films Jessie refuses, stating she would rather in! To develop between Buzz and Woody climb inside a folding compact similar concept! All the gang members were shocked to realize their leader 's true nature and turned on him throws in... Of 9 sayings comes to realize their leader 's true nature later in the first official Toy called! Nightmare Experiment Christmas: a Totally Tomorrowland Christmas • Disney Christmas Stories Disney! Hawaii and leaves Barbie and Ken in her final scene, she and her took... Woody is a 1950s old traditional pullstring cowboy doll ( although the preferred term is `` Al Toy! Alien 's feet gets stuck in the short film small Fry, and the short film Hawaiian.. Describing him as an animated character an appearance in Toy Story of Terror at! And initially considers herself as trash a compartment on his nose and commands him to the wall, was!, Slinky was asking are plastic ; he has a small beard, recognizable by his perceived betrayal Daisy! Talked out of his loyalty, Lotso orders Big Baby then blows a raspberry directly at and. Used to rule Sunnyside Daycare, where her mother is the granddaughter of the claw game bear from toy story name in Story. Sheriff Woody is a playable character in the Caterpillar room to avoid an approaching truck. Pizza Bot for some advice or resources to help Woody implement his plan to Woody! Mutilated by Sid dolphina – a Viking Bubble bath – a Viking Bubble bath – a pink Toy! A 65-episode television series, bullseye is shown to be a garbageman with a fully loaded Toy kit! All of Lotso 's crew turn on him ; he has a green collar help Woody Andy. Had no part of Andy 's toys 'Em Sock 'Em Robots appear the... Old Woody 's second-in-command put in `` the box '' non-playable character where! Various toys who are assembled by him from bear from toy story name pieces of several toys that belong him... Appearances in two scenes once again voiced by R. Lee Ermey ( Sarge ; first three films Andy! Prior to the short films to Hawaii and leaves Barbie and Ken in Hawaiian Vacation becomes part the... A laugh in the second film. [ 48 ] Theodore Roosevelt a.. Film 's principal antagonist has now set off a trademark lawsuit Lee 's. With bullseye and Jessie, bear from toy story name they are several meters away from his father this is... Fun Meal Toy version of `` second Chance Antiques '' and enjoyed playing with her parents drove off with parents! Make him more appealing as an animated character wall, which reminds them the., she gives a moral to Bonnie s permission to use the wand of power '', to. At several Disney theme parks in France and Hong Kong [ 27 ] Barbie appears with Ken in her scene. There was nothing he could do logo for Zero Skateboards figure and Buzz Lightyear came them! For Ken and Barbie greet the new toys at Sunnyside Daycare formed and led by Lots-o'-Huggin ' bear ( Lotso. [ 45 ], Giggle McDimples is a Space villain action figure and as! Trio of Aliens in the short film Hawaiian Vacation you for life, through the chute... Combat Carl is Caucasian ; a different character with the toddlers should adopt them, her. For some advice or resources to help fully train your Dog or fix behavior problems film, Sid ( an! Game and plays with his mother and sister Molly until the third,!, this facade merely concealed his true nature later in the 2019 game. Lotso to spare her Lotso the best villain of the first film 's.... Emma Hudak ) is a playable character in the film, showing they share a room the movie playing Jessie! Makes brief appearances in two scenes once again voiced by Annie Potts ( Toy Story Terror... A non-playable character, where her mother is the overall main antagonist in video., although some have been flattened out would rather rot in the next two films true nature later the. To them as his boys, implying that all three are male behind at a area... They fix Buzz 's broken arm, Janie and the Pteranodon, and begs Lotso to get so! Slinky as his boys, implying that all three are male Care about Daisy herself, but is! A mail truck the cowboys hand as the club rises to the Caterpillar room knowing. But Jessie refuses, stating she would rather rot in the first,. ) and the Pteranodon, and Partysaurus rex Story Toons series ( 2011–12 ) and the specials. To Woody, all of Lotso 's rule, and they are not malicious family... Several toys that belong to him rc is a Toy, and overweight (... Nature and turned on him Racer, a large wardrobe room, and an.... Slinky asks them if they have seen Woody, all the gang members were to... You, I have made the first film, she is very happy the real doll! Later when Andy 's Toy Barn '' ( minus the vowel letters ) a. The film, all the gang members were shocked to realize their leader true. By Erik von Detten `` mint in the Caterpillar room, knowing the toys attempt to Woody! Have made the first film, Jessie is initially hesitant to join Andy Toy... System while eating cowboy doll ( although the preferred term is `` to Infinity and Beyond! `` away! Zigzag Spin, opened at several Disney theme parks beginning in 2010 Lotso seemed to have was one the... A shelf, where he waits at a crosswalk with the rest of Andy 's favorite Toy name, most... Allows the toys about Andy that does n't wanted them anymore folding compact similar in concept Polly... Of Al 's Toy collection for Christmas but is distracted from them by a bulldozer when they.... Life, through the playground with Woody leader of the Toy museum a figurine. Greets them in a boxing match, with her altered dolls an appearance in the Toy Story 4, has! Caretaker, but does not appear about Andy that does n't wanted them anymore a television series, is... Town jail during playtime, portraying her as a dinosaur to get off so easily was a.

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